The Spanish technology company has signed an agreement with the Federation of Ghana.

The NBN23 technology is settling in Africa and the Spanish company has managed to close an agreement with the Ghana Basketball Federation to digitize its competitions. The signing will be for four seasons and involves all Ghanaian competitions.

The start of the first digitized competition in Ghana is yet to be confirmed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, on the way back, all competitions will have the tool developed by NBN23 and will get a worldwide visibility thanks to Swish, the APP to follow basketball from all over the planet in live. This represents a breakthrough not only on the sporting level, but there is also the possibility of attracting the attention of young talents whose games can be followed from anywhere.

With the landing of NBN23, the Ghana Basketball Federation will not be only a worldwide live statistics monitoring, but also have numerous advantages such as the possibility to have a database with all the collected statistics, to keep track of players and teams, and to contact a customer service chat for questions, suggestions and opinions. In addition, it is a springboard for young talent in competitions as they can be viewed from anywhere.

This digitization is proof of the Federation’s commitment to taking a giant step forward in its growth. The arrival of the digital era will allow Ghanaian basketball to be recognized throughout the world and with NBN23’s visibility, they will not only grow at an organizational level but it can also be a growth at the sports level with the attraction of new talents to leagues to be more recognized and simply increase the number of young people who practice basketball.

This signature is the confirmation of the settlement of NBN23 in African lands and it is that in this 2021 they have already closed agreements to digitize the basketball of Benin, Guinea and Togo, to which they have added their work together with a 3×3 competition such as Dreals Paris. Georgio Semaan, head of NBN23 in Africa, has stated that “technology continues to take giant steps with the aim that African basketball has more visibility every day”. In addition, he added: “It is a pride to see the confidence that the directors of the Federations have in making this digital transition with our tools,” he said.