NBN23 continues to grow and introduces FIP Stats 2.0 and Swiss Basketball 2.0, providing the best experience for Italian and Swiss fans

The applications that will revolutionize and pave the way for innovation in the Italian and Swiss basketball world are now a reality. Thanks to FIP Stats 2.0 and Swiss Basketball 2.0, the new and improved experience they were waiting for has arrived.

The technological revolution has arrived in Italy and Switzerland! NBN23 introduces the most advanced and exciting statistical applications, FIP Stats 2.0 and Swiss Basketball 2.0. New design, exceptional experience; a revamped interface for intuitive and seamless access to all features; with Custom Comparison for detailed data; a more precise and fluid Search function to find what you’re looking for; and a Post-Game Summary with highlights. Don’t miss a single detail of the game!

With these applications, we aimed to meet and exceed user expectations, following their desire to access more data, obtain more statistics, and follow this sport more easily in real-time. We have transformed it into the best application in the market and the only one in the basketball world that offers all these unprecedented functionalities. Essential to provide this sport with an app on par with its competitions.

Explore the new features and take your game to the next level!

Enhance your basketball experience with the latest features and a stunning design that will immerse you in the court. Thanks to their advanced display and refreshed logo, FIP Stats 2.0 and Swiss Basketball 2.0 position themselves as the leading basketball statistics applications in the market.

Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace a modern approach. The exciting and easy navigation will immerse you in a hassle-free experience, introducing you to a fascinating dimension of the sport with more statistics and information than ever before.

Get to know your rivals and measure your performance with the best.

FIP Stats 2.0 and Swiss Basketball 2.0: Precision, comparisons, and guaranteed success. Explore detailed statistics, compare performances, and boast about your achievements. Get ready to reach a professional level in every game!

Comparison has never been easier. Examine any player or team in detail and elevate your game to the next level. With key information about your favorite athletes at your fingertips, you can instantly compare efficiency, achievements, and trajectories to make informed strategic decisions.

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Discover what you need on any screen thanks to the innovative search engine

The ideal search becomes a reality! Thanks to the technology of FIP Stats 2.0 and Swiss Basketball 2.0, all users will discover events, teams, and players that interest them with surprising accuracy. No more wasted time, just top-notch basketball! Now, users can access the search feature directly from the main views.

Furthermore, the option to instantly follow the profile of their favorite player or team has been incorporated, allowing users to enjoy all their information.

The path to improvement is in your hands! Discover the details of the played game

Immerse yourself in the world of basketball even after the final buzzer with FIP Stats 2.0 and Swiss Basketball 2.0. Explore the post-game summary highlighting the best moments, key play analyses, and a comprehensive recap. Guaranteed excitement in every detail!

Get ready for an unparalleled sports experience! Starting from this game day, FIP Stats 2.0 and Swiss Basketball 2.0 will offer you, for the first time, a new approach focused on innovation, convenience, and passion for basketball, providing you with a unique connection to your favorite players and teams. Don’t lag behind, join the revolution!