Powerful projects


The FIBA Eurostep project is an initiative to enhance digital capabilities of European basketball federations, and increase fan engagement, with the help of an app being developed by key partner NBN23. The app will allow fans to create and share content featuring their favorite basketball stars. The goal of the project is to promote the sport and connect with fans in new ways and make national basketball federations more modern and digitally-focused.


NBN23 and MADE Hoops have partnered to enhance the digital basketball experience for fans of middle school amateur basketball in the United States. The partnership will provide live statistics and analytics for MADE Hoops events, allowing fans, coaches, and scouts to access real-time statistics and data for an immersive and interactive experience. The partnership aims to promote and develop the sport of basketball at the amateur level by providing a unique and unparalleled experience for all parties involved.


NBN23 and the Jr. NBA have formed a strategic partnership to support the growth and development of the youth basketball community. The Jr. NBA serves as the premier resource for young players, parents, coaches, and league administrators seeking to learn more about the game, while NBN23 provides expert stats tracking and analysis of performance data. This collaboration will bring together the strengths of both organizations to offer a comprehensive experience for the next generation of basketball players.


Collaborating with different countries