3BL (3×3 Pro Basketball League) in India, has come to an agreement with NBN23 to utilize their technology in order to digitize their competitions.

India’s commitment to 3×3 events is firm and is laying the foundations for it to be one of the most recognized basketball formats in the country. In this direction, the 3BL (3×3 Pro Basketball League), has signed with NBN23 to use their technology to digitize their competitions and make them visible in the Swish APP. The launch of NBN23 technology will take place at the end of July with the competition trials.

This is just one of many accomplishments for the 3BL. Two weeks ago, they also received confirmation from the Indian Federation that they will be approval as an official 3×3 competition by FIBA, the only competition that has this kind of recognition in the country.

The union of the visibility that they will obtain with NBN23 and the recognition as an official FIBA ​​competition will make the 3BL a professional competition whose players will have Worldwide exposure. All these facts bring them a little closer to the great objective of the Indian Federation, which is to be able to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games in the 3×3 modality.

With the technology of NBN23, the 3BL will not only have a Worldwide following, but it will also have other advantages related to having the Swish app. A database with all the statistics collected, a monitoring of players and teams, a 24/h customer support chat for questions, suggestions and opinions, are just some of the characteristics that it will add and that it would most definitely turn the 3BL into a more inclusive and technologically advanced tournament.

These developments, which have put the Indian competition at the forefront in the sports technology section, prove the great commitment of its CEO, Mr. Rohit Baskshi and its director of operations, Richard Xalxo, with the development of basketball in their country and the growth of the 3×3 in which India pretends to be a World referent.

Júlia Pardo, NBN23 sales director in India has been “delighted to give visibility to a competition that is betting very strongly on its future.” “The 3×3 has come to basketball to stay and being the technology of a professional competition with the recognition of FIBA ​​is a further boost in our global growth.” In addition, Júlia was also delighted with the commitment of the 3BL: “From the first conversations with Mr. Rohit and Richard Xalxo, we have seen the interest in making India a benchmark in the world of 3×3 and the connection with them was immediate,” she declared.

With this agreement, the Spanish technology company NBN23, has also guaranteed the exclusive rights to digitize 3×3 events in India and Red Bull.