NBN23 will play a major role in a FIBA event for all European Basketball Federations

NBN23 has been invited by FIBA to help unveil the Eurostep Project at an event for all Communication Directors of all European Federations

This Thursday, December 1st, sets a very important milestone for European Basketball. On this date, set to take place in Madrid and hosted by the Spanish Basketball Federation, all Communication Directors of European Federations of this sport will meet at the FEB Museum. NBN23, invited by FIBA, will help explain the elements of implementation for the project.

The NBN23 team will present the digital process and strategy behind the Eurostep Project as a result of the partnership between the Spanish company and FIBA. Both partners have very clear that technology is the best tool to grow the global footprint of Basketball worldwide. 

A shared belief that, for organizations that live and breathe the sport of Basketball, there is no greater motivation than the ability to promote new and exciting digital products available to the youth basketball community. 

"Working with FIBA has accelerated our vision of delivering a digital experience to every basketball player, and we are very grateful and happy that they want to make us part of such a significant event"

Miguel Bullón, CEO of NBN23.

In addition, and in reference to the Eurostep Project, he adds: “with this application any player of this sport, regardless of their skill, can feel like a real professional, through challenges, videos and, most importantly, their imagination”. 

Additionally, NBN23 continues to work and expand in order to continue to offer the best solution on the market for Baskebtall lovers. NBN23 has already set a digital standard in more than 65 countries, where it’s currently operating, and about to claim the extraordinary figure of half a million digitized games worldwide. 

This event is, yet another, important milestone for the NBN23 team and it is proud and more excited than ever to continue to improve the future of Basketball.