NBN23 and Exposure Events have finalized a full integration to provide all US basketball operators with LIVE digital stats. This partnership represents a very important milestone for grassroots basketball in the US since every kid, regardless of age or skill level, will be able to enjoy the benefits of having LIVE stats.

NBN23 has been continuously increasing its presence in the US market with an exponential growth in digitized games. Averaging more than 3K digitized games per week in more than 65 countries, NBN23 is the largest digital database of youth basketball games in the world. Their digital and fully integrated environment provides basketball organizers the ability to eliminate paper, optimize staffing and create a much more efficient workflow while reaping all the benefits of having digital game data.

“More than 26M people play basketball in the US alone. That is why we always focus on scalability. Our partnership with Exposure Events allows us to deliver Pro like experience to thousands of players and the ability to live every single action on the court in real time. A great step forward for the USA with one of the market leaders”.

       – Miguel Bullón, CEO of NBN23

Exposure Events is the platform of choice for event managers in the US. Basketball organizers can register, schedule, and publish their events online. With more than 500K games registered in their platform in 2021, Exposure Events is a benchmark in the youth basketball landscape. The US based company is constantly looking for ways to improve their user experience and to add value for their customers. This integration clearly represents their intention to create a seamless environment to eliminate paper and improve event logistics.

"The basketball world has lagged behind other sports when it comes to consistent stats and the usability of the software powering those stats. NBN23 is helping bridge that gap and provide a solution not only on an adult level but also for the youth basketball space. This integration will help event operators take their Exposure events to the next level by fully digitizing their scoresheet".

       – Mike FlynnCEO of Exposure Events

With the NBN23/Exposure Event integration, all operators can now take advantage of a fully digital environment. Digitized games mean LIVE and automatically updated scores, digital scoresheets uploaded immediately into the Exposure platform after a game is finished with bulk downloading (perfect for NCAA reporting) and much more…

It has never been easier to digitize basketball events. The digital Basketball revolution is here.