The NBN23’s technology revolution is still underway

The Israeli Basketball Association and the Spanish company NBN23 signed a multi-year agreement to use the inGame and SWISH applications which are used by dozens of countries throughout Europe.

This important and advanced project is part of an ongoing digitization efforts at recent years implemented and led by the basketball association.

At the end, every basketball fan will be able to directly follow every basketball game conducted in Israel through tablets and smart phones, secretarial referees using the InGame application will replace the traditional game forms making the data collected accessible to fans, reviewing results and the game moves through the SWISH application.

As of today, 10 leagues have already started the pilot and by the end of 2024 all 255 leagues of the basketball association will come under this great service.

What will fans find in SWISH?

SWISH is the app that consolidates the data collected at all the basketball games in Israel. Enabling full range of capabilities to our fans starting with filtering by the league, teams, players and games the fan wish to follow through live results updates and continue to a play-by-play or the comparison of the boxscore and the statistics, so that the user can analyze in detail what interests him the most.

Fans, family members and friends, will be able to follow closely the players statistics, enabling comparisons, follow-ups, etc.The SWISH application will also serve the coaches as a tool for scouting, following the opponents, and through it the players will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of the teams and players they are up against.

“We are very happy to cooperate with the Israeli Basketball Association.
Israel is a country with a great passion for basketball like our society.
We are very excited that Israeli basketball fans will be able to enjoy the best experience in this sport”

Miguel Bullon – CEO of NBN23

“We are so happy to bring an advanced product to basketball fans throughout the country. This is a breakthrough for every fan, player, coach and manager in our industry. As we were the first and the leaders in the field of registering players and teams online, we are excited to lead in this field as well and will continue to bring progress to our industry

Ben Shoshan YacovCEO of Israeli Basketball Association