NBN23 has entered into a long-term deal with the Czech Basketball Federation to digitize all its competitions

The Czech Basketball Federation is moving forward with its plan to implement the digital scoresheet in selected CZ basketball competitions. Beginning next year, all CZ basketball games will be digitized through INGAME app, the digital scoresheet developed by NBN23.

The implementation of INGAME will bring the sport to a new level, offering real-time statistics, box scores, results, rankings, and other interactive features easily accessible through SWISH – All Hoops, All Stats, the NBN23 fan app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

"We are excited to partner with NBN23 and bring their digitalization expertise to our organization. The SWISH app will revolutionize the way players, fans, families, and coaches interact and experience the game, and offer valuable performance insights through advanced analytics."

The Czech Basketball Federation is working towards replacing the traditional manual paper scoresheets with the digital INGAME scoresheet, which includes cloud storage, 24/7 data access, plus specialized analysis, and real-time tracking of basketball games through the SWISH app. The Federation’s focus on appealing to a younger demographic remains a top priority, and it will be fascinating to observe how fans respond to the app.

"We are proud to partner with CZ basketball and bring our software and app technologies to the sport. INGAME and SWISH will bring players, fans, families, and coaches closer to the action and provide valuable resources to help players succeed on the court."