How Technology Simplified Scouting Process in Basketball

Technology and the digital world have changed lots of things in today’s world and have been helping us to save our time and resources. It has affected sports from game day televised graphic scores to data analytics. Sports technology is booming its field that’s changing and improving traditional methods.

Technology in sports has dramatically advanced over the past decade and it continues to do. Nowadays it’s one of the main parts of scouting too, which revolutionized and simplified processes for not only scouts, also for coaches, agents, players and team executives. Various technologies exposes and distributes evidence of emerging talent. It creates opportunities that would not exist otherwise. 

Before technology entered sports, scouts needed to be on-site during the games to see how their targeted players have performed, but nowadays they can be in different places and look at the statistics from anywhere. With the increasing presence of technology in everyday life digital score sheets are one of the main tools for them to see how their targeted players are performing in different tournaments. It saves their time, money and still gives detailed reports of athletes’ strengths or weaknesses. It’s the tool which gives scouts a chance to compare their players with others from all over the world. 

SWISH is the world’s leading digital basketball score sheet application which is used in 65 countries. More than 500 000 games are digitalized through SWISH and numbers are growing daily. This technology which is made by NBN23 offers scouts easier ways to see box scores, rankings and make comparisons between different players. 

Making scouting analysis of each player needs time and big data to look and SWISH is the great help of the process. For having more detailed report, SWISH makes HeatMaps which shows density of jump-shot locations along a color scale. In scouting analysis shooting percentage is very important part and SWISH also shows shot charts. Shot charts gives users an ability to view all shots a player has taken across the game.

There are lots of advancements in sports nowadays and new technologies are entering to the professional and amateur sports. This not only helps athletes and coaches, also plays a big role in scouting process. In order to make good scouting analysis, digital score sheets are one of the most important tools and as we see – future of athletics is increasingly digital.