North Pole Hoops and NBN23: Paving the Way for a Digital Basketball Revolution in Canada

NBN23 is excited to announce its partnership with North Pole Hoops, a multi-layered pathway targeted to student athletes starting at 10 years old guiding them all the way to the professional level, in Canada.

This partnership will bring together the best in basketball technology to provide players and coaches with unparalleled insights into their performance. With Real-time stats, box scores, results, rankings, and other interactive features now NPH competitions will now be easily accessible through the SWISH- All Hoops, All Stats. The NBN23 fan app available on both iOS and Android devices. 

With the integration of SWISH, North Pole Hoops is poised to fully achieve its purpose of nurturing and supporting young student athletes in their journey towards the next level in basketball. Through monitoring progress, providing exposure at showcases and camps, and offering suitable opportunities, North Pole Hoops aims to help these students reach their full potential. The app will serve as a valuable tool in helping the organization fulfill its mission.

“North Pole Hoops is all about providing a platform for basketball talent to shine…and this app will not only aid in maximum exposure for our student-athletes, but also help elevate the operation by removing the outdated paper stats.”

“From the very beginning, we saw we share the same vision, same objectives, and same passion. From the first day, we really felt North Pole Hoops was the right partner”

The NPH Showcase League will integrate the app into their spring and summer season and it will be used throughout the entire year in North Pole Hoops programs. 

“As the sport of basketball continues to evolve and grow globally, we must also evolve as an organization & actively look for ways to improve…NBN23 will help us deliver statistics with efficiency and accuracy. This partnership gives us the chance to showcase our technology to a wider audience and illustrate its significant advantages for basketball organizations of all levels.”

With this partnership, NBN23 will lead the implementation of this world-class technology in the Canadian basketball industry and worldwide.