NBN23 unveils their new version of InGame

Users can now gather all game information with a new interface design, add an entire roster on a single screen, customized scoreboard and many more new features. Available now in all major platforms, there is now excuse to keep using a paper scoresheet.  

NBN23 launches their new version of InGame on all major platforms, delivering the biggest update ever to the Digital Scoresheet. It is now available on iOS Android, Amazon, for Smartphones and Tablets. With their latest app, users can now enjoy new ways of recording data and communication features that, put together, will change the way everyone experiences a Basketball Game. This new app introduces a new interface design to make the recording work more intuitive, and functional. Now available in every main operating system, this app brings endless scalable opportunities to all organizations. Anyone can download it on their device and quickly begin to add value to their basketball community.  Enjoying a LIVE Basketball game was never easier.

This new version launch of InGame represents all the hard work and enthusiasm that we put in every day to improve and guarantee the best digital tools to take basketball to the highest level, said Miguel Bullón, NBN23’s Chief Executive Officer. 

The new interface is just the beginning 

The new Digital Scoresheet gets more functional, more attractive, and even more intuitive thanks to the smart software. With an incredible new design, users can enjoy recording every game faster than ever. With the introduction of their new scoring software, Rookie, anyone can start scoring games with very little training. The new software was designed to accommodate the lack of officially trained scorekeepers. Watching a 1min video will give staff members enough knowledge to add tremendous value to their organizations. Also, the new guided check-in process will help scorekeepers to complete all the necessary steps to get the game started quickly. These are some of the highlights of the new launch.  

Entering full team rosters at once, easy team color selection and a final overview page to review all new information entered. 

The new version of InGame offers a more instinctive recording of actions. Users can keep track of all plays of the game easier than ever. In addition, player substitutions will now be easier due to the stand-by feature. As soon as one or more players approach the table, scorekeepers can add them to the stand-by feature and complete the substitution when it is finally executed.  

A Personalized Digital Scoresheet Experience 

The app is more powerful than ever, easier to set up, and it now features a guided check-in assistance. Users can learn about news and updates available once they log in. To start recording a game, users can simply follow the guided steps to select the games they want to digitize. 

The option to connect the device to a TV monitor will provide the visibility of the scoreboard that can reach the fans present in the facility and eliminate the figure of the clock operator. Organizations can enjoy this feature by simply connecting the device to a monitor through Chromecast or an HDMI cable. This option will allow organizers to optimize staff at the same time they provide more visibility to sponsors and brands.  

 New Demo Game Environment. Scorekeepers can become EXPERTS by practicing as many times as they want with this bonus feature. DEMO games are now endless, and they can be used at any time. Users can take advantage of this option to practice on their own time and solve any questions they may have by trial and error. These members of the staff will be the next MVP´s for any organization.  


All in one place 

All the information will now be hosted in the cloud with Cloud Storage. Did you lose your internet connection? did your device run out of battery? do you want to switch devices during the game? All of it is SAFE. Now, with the newest version of InGame, each game is automatically saved and stored in the cloud, so you don’t lose any information. Safely switch the device at any moment during the games and pick up where you left off. 

Elevate your competition 

Take advantage of the Digital Signature. View all team information, full rosters and coaching staff in one view. Add as many notes and observations as you need.​ Also, you can visualize and edit the referee team. Scorekeepers, officials and coaching staff can sign on the device to make the information official. Everything is digital now. 

 Did you make a mistake during the recording of a game? Edit all actions. Now all edited and removed actions can still be reviewed later. The new version of InGame keeps track of all the changes during the game. 

With their Online Training Platform, any basketball organization can turn their scorekeepers into certified “NBN23 Digital stat-keepers”. They will be ready to generate the data the fans crave.  

Additional Features:

  • Personal Experience Selection: Organizers can choose the right stats option for their competitions: ROOKIE, the latest addition, is the easiest way of digitalization. Register the most common actions during the game; PRO, captures all the data needed to fill out the official scoresheet for each game and more; ALL STAR (soon available): for expert scorekeepers, gathers comprehensive statistics and a detailed analysis of players and teams. 
  • Information and Validation of Teams and Players: Scorekeepers can enjoy this new feature to validate all information; Official Digital Scoresheet, Free Throws, 2 points / 3 Points made, personal and technical fouls, Time Outs, +/-, 2 Point % / 3 Point %, Assist, Rebounds, Blocks and Steals/Turnovers. 
  • Full Access: Users can connect and integrate with their preferred database. They can enjoy the scoreboard live during the game as well as have access to exclusive website widgets with schedules and results. 
  • Statistics and Analysis: Collected raw game data is analyzed and displayed along with graphics to all fans. All the data is processed by NBN23 technology to provide Game scores, player and team stats, global statistical rankings, game insights and more….  
  • Swish App-Live Score: Fans will enjoy LIVE stats of the game on their Swish App. Everyone will enjoy an NBA-like experience while following the game. Any time, any place and from any device.