Moldova matches can be followed through Swish, the NBN23 application that allows you to follow basketball matches from everywhere in the world – live.

The Moldovan Basketball Federation gets on the technology train and will have the technology of NBN23 to digitize its competitions. This will allow fans to follow the matches of this federation live from anywhere through Swish, the application of NBN23 multiple competitions around the world.

Thanks to NBN23, the federation will have a complete follow-up that includes the latest Swish advantages: player rankings, complete rosters, updated calendars and the most complete follow-up with instant statistics for all players. In addition, you will also have the latest news from the application whose latest performance already allows you to follow teams and players so that you can choose what interests you most.

Basketball in Moldova thus takes a further step in its growth and will have international visibility. Their competitions will be in an application that already has competitions spread around the world: Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, Belgium, China, Turkey, the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, etc.

This agreement represents a further step for NBN23 in its international expansion and allows the Moldovan Federation to put itself on the map of the great federations that are pioneers in the use of technology worldwide. It should be mentioned that this Federation achieved its greatest success with participation in the Eurobasket in 2005 and now shows that it continues to take steps to reach even higher levels.

Nikita Stirbu, the general secretary of FBRM said: “I hope with the help of NBN2 and the Swish app the Moldovan Basketball will increase the quantity of spectators and sponsors because of the visibility. We are happy to part of this international expansion, and grow together with NBN23.” Miguel Bullón, executive director of NBN23, spoke about the arrival of NBN23 in Moldova: “Our technology aims to be global and work with multiple countries so that all basketball can have the visibility it deserves. Partnering with Federation of Moldova is one more step in our growth and unites us to a unique competition where basketball will be the protagonist”, stated Miguel Bullón.