The Swiss Basketball Federation will have the technology of NBN23 to digitize its competitions.

Basketball has never been the sport for which Switzerland is known. However, in recent years this situation is taking a 180º turn and basketball is taking a leading role in Switzerland. In addition to their great role in the Eurobasket pre-qualifiers, we must add that they have joined the technological revolution, NBN23 to digitize live all their competitions.

The Swiss Federation, led by Giancarlo Sergi, thus takes the definitive technological leap and will allow its competitions to have a worldwide live visibility. To do this, they will serve the digital record of NBN23, a product that allows to collect statistics of any basketball game and then offer their results on an application of the federation carried out by the Spanish company.Giancarlo Sergi, President of Swiss Basketball : “ Swiss Basketball is entering a new era ! Innovation is part of our DNA and we are willing to offer the best experience and services ever to our members and fan base through appealing technological products. We are excited to work hand in hand with NBN23 to bring basketball to the next level in Switzerland.”

Giancarlo Sergi, Presidente de la Federación Suiza, ha hablado sobre la llegada de esta tecnología: “El baloncesto en Suiza está entrando en una nueva era. La innovación es parte de nuestro ADN y queremos ofrecer la mejor experiencia y servicios a nuestros fans a través de productos tecnológicos. Estamos entusiasmados de trabajar mano a mano con NBN23 para llevar el baloncesto en Suiza al siguiente nivel”, afirmó el Presidente, Giancarlo.

Thanks to NBN23, the federation will have a complete follow-up that includes the latest Swish advantages: player rankings, complete rosters, updated calendars and the most complete follow-up with instant statistics for all players. In addition, you will also have the latest news from the application whose latest performance already allows you to follow teams and players so you can choose what interests you the most.

The agreement will increase the international growth of the technology company and will add one more country to the long list of territories that regularly use this tool. Spain, Argentina, Chile, Belgium, China, Turkey, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, etc. are some of the countries in which NBN23 works that will add Switzerland to these names.

The federation’s technological commitment is complete and that all competitions organized by the federation will be digitized. This will represent a huge leap in quality and will place the Swiss federation as one of the pioneers in the digitization of basketball. All this, together with the growth of a National team that is led by Clint Capela, is a tremendous boost for a sport that continues to grow in Swiss territory.

Miguel Bullón, executive director of NBN23, was enthusiastic about this new project: “Switzerland’s commitment to digitize all basketball does not only speak of the growth of this Federation, but also of the importance of technology in sport. We are getting closer to having all the basketball live. For NBN23, we are proud to be an essential part of this technological transition”, he stated.