Nesa Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of location-based workflow automation solutions, and NBN Co, a company that delivers the advanced indoor positioning information, today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to deliver a high-precision contract tracing solution to aid in the global battle to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

As a result of COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the country and around the globe are beginning to reevaluate how their personnel interact with each other, as well as with the equipment, customers and suppliers with whom they interact on a daily basis. It is becoming increasingly clear that supporting and improving best practices for social distancing, infection prevention and safety are imperative to businesses everywhere.

Businesses are now being tasked with the immense responsibility of ensuring that proper social distancing requirements are met, and identifying in real-time not just the source of any issue but also any people who may have come in contact with the source. As we have learned, monitoring and immediately isolating any such connections is critical to containment of any potential issue.

Having an effective, real-time contact tracing notification and traceability system can save lives. And time is of the essence.

NESA and Soocial Distance powered by QUUPPA technology, have become pioneers in the location intelligence revolution over the past decade, unlocking the power of hyper-accurate location to deliver a powerful suite of enterprise IoT solutions across multiple industries, including healthcare, sports and entertainment, and more. Today, they bring their combined experience together, to deliver a revolutionary new contact tracing solution to the worldwide market.

The solution integrates Soocial Distance’s (NBN) hyper-accurate location tracking capabilities into Nesa Solutions’ powerful enterprise IoT platform, called INSIGHT Location Intelligence, to automate the process of enforcing companies’ social distancing, infection prevention, and safety guidelines. The solution is available today, and available for deployment as governments around the world being to reopen their economics.

Ed Dvorak, US director of Soocial Distance spoke about this partnering: “I am excited and proud to be partnering with Nesa. Our combined location tracking capabilities and expertise will provide an affordable and effective solution helping organizations around the world deal with COVID-19”. For its part, Javier Bosch, CEO of Soocial Distance said: “Our combined location tracking capabilities and expertise will equip their work environments to accommodate the emerging expectations and needs regarding social interactions and safe workplaces”, said Javier Bosch.