The JAM Sports Academy located in Dubai has reached an agreement with the Spanish company to have its technology.

NBN23 continues with its brilliant international expansion and, after having a presence in multiple countries, it will also be in the United Arab Emirates after closing an agreement with the JAM Sports Academy in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

This signature means the arrival of the technology at the JAM Sports Academy, which has been revolutionizing basketball in recent seasons and that, through its Swish APP, is connecting basketball from several countries. Multiple advantages such as the possibility of live tracking of matches, team tracking, player tracking, heat maps, actions in the game play by play, and many more, will be your latest experience at your academy.

The agreement that links these two organizations, will be for the next ten years and will provide NBN23 technology to all the competitions organized by the JAM Sports Academy, both those of formative basketball and those of maxi basketball. Another step in the confirmation that the digitization of basketball is a reality and that more and more competitions want to have live monitoring from anywhere.

The incorporation of technology in its competitions is another example of the federation’s commitment to basketball. Since its inception in 2016, this academy has always shown a true passion for this sport and technological innovation has always been present in its achievements. Innovation, together with other values such as equal opportunities when practicing sports, sportsmanship, and leadership, make the JAM Sports Academy a benchmark in the sector.

Miguel Bullón, executive director of NBN23, has been very excited about the signing: “The arrival of the JAM Sports Academy to Swish, gives a leap in quality to the application and continues to confirm the trend that basketball will be connected at the global and in realtime”, he declared.