The NBN23 technology is consolidated in the world of basketball, however, it continues to take small steps in its international growth. After closing several agreements in Latin America, this time it is in Europe where the company signed an agreement with Odessa Regional Basketball Federation in Ukraine, which will use NBN23 solution for its digital revolution.

This signature means the continuation of the international expansion and more specifically in Eastern Europe where in October the company started the colaboration with Ukraine’s early adopters – RadoVVV Cup. It is the fourth agreement signed by the Spanish technology company in the last month, which shows that the digitization of basketball is an importand step for every federation and league out there.

With this agreement, ORBF will have many advantages of using NBN23. Team tracking, player tracking, heat map, calendars, live statistics and many more features that the Spanish company has been adding to its application in recent months.

The presence of NBN23 in Europe has grown a lot in the last year and this agreement with Odessa puts them in in an exclusive list of beneficiaries of NBN23 alongside Swiss Basketball Federation as well as Moldova Federation.

Evgeniy Prokopi, Head of Sales for NBN23 in Eastern Europe, was very enthusiastic about ORBF joining NBN23 family: “Odessa Federation is one of the most active federations in Ukraine and in Easter Europe with a lot of games at all levels, from Mini Basket to semi-professional competitions. We are excited to be able to provide a solution that will give all their games global visibility as well as attracting more fans through sharing in real-time information about the games in the region.