The NBN23 application for following live basketball is available for media platforms.

Thursday September 21st ,the Swish application was introduced to the world and strives to revolutionize the basketball world. Since being introduced media outlets have identified the importance of the App, that now allows users to follow live basketball games across the globe.

Below is listed the news media articles for more in depth information:

Plaza Deportiva: http://bit.ly/SwishPlazaDeportiva

El Desmarque: http://bit.ly/SwishElDesmarque

Federación Baloncesto Madrid: http://bit.ly/SwishFBM

Federación Aragonesa de Baloncesto: http://bit.ly/SwishFABAragon

Mundo Deportivo: http://bit.ly/SwishMundoDeportivo

Zona 131: http://bit.ly/SwishZona131