The Spanish corporation launched its new App, that now allows users to follow live basketball competitions from their mobile device.

Spanish company NBN23 launches ‘Swish’, the App that will allow you to follow all basketball live from any mobile device.

NBN23 one of the industry leaders of digitizing basketball worldwide has now translated this data into the Swish application. This platform will digitize leagues and tournaments such as the Spanish Federations, JR NBA, FIMBA and +200,000 games from over 30 countries.

The emergence of Swish allows more exposure to leagues and tournaments, where before fans of these competitions had to constantly search information online in order to follow. This App will now provide easier access to this information and offer the possibility of following a game live, which has created more excitement among these fan bases that the competitions have never seen before.

The application has a large storage capacity, which will allow users to recap what happened in previous games. While also compiling the statistics of players, work of coaches, referees and making scouting more simple and quicker than ever.

Swish aims to revolutionize the basketball world and provide other features to the users. Where they can select which team to follow, individual player statistics, and statistical analysis of teams; providing information based on the interests of each individual user.

Currently, the application is limited to basketball competitions that are digitized due to the digital act that has revolutionized the game and is established as a technology reference for various countries. However, in the future Swish will offer the possibility of expanding into other sport entities.

Miguel Bullón, Executive Director of NBN23, is aware of the application´s potential to revolutionize the basketball community stating: “If years ago you would have told us that we could follow games of federations from a mobile device and with the statistics of players, we would of never imagine. Now this will be a reality and will give the visibility that basketball deserves.”

Click to download Swish: http://bit.ly/AppNBN23