The Benin Basketball Federation joins Guinea and signs with NBN23 for the digitization of its competitions.

The first NBN23 agreement in Africa took a long time to arrive, but now it seems that the Spanish technology company has taken a run. After signing with Guinea at the end of January, it’s now the time of Benin’s Basketball Federation, which will join along with the Swish APP, the digitization of its competitions.

The Spanish technology company will be linked with the Federation for the next 10 seasons in which it is expected to give a lot of visibility to basketball from a continent whose basketball tradition has not been very powerful, but which is beginning to lay the stones to grow and become a reference at the sports and technological level.

With this agreement, the Benin Federation will have many advantages of having NBN23. Teams and players tracking, heat map, schedules, live statistics, and the ability to customize the home screen with each user’s preferences will be some of the benefits that fans of Benin’s federation will have. All these advantages have made SWISH a benchmark basketball application with a presence in several countries.

All the great aspects of Swish can be monitored from anywhere, something that will give a basketball federation the possibility to put itself on the map with much more visibility. This agreement continues to expand the presence of NBN23 in multiple competitions around the world, it has been increasing and growing sharply. NBN23 Is digitizing competitions at the moment in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Georgio Semaan, head of NBN23 sales in Africa, has shown the great potential of this agreement: “The signing with the Benin Federation confirms the interest of African basketball in having more visibility and confirms the acceptance of our technology in Africa.” “This continent has a lot of potentials and being actively working with these federations will make us known and open the door to new organizations.”

Ismahiln Onifadé, president of the Federation of Benin, spoke about the arrival of NBN23: “The Federation of Benin is satisfied and proud to be a collaborator with NBN23 on this developing project,” he said.