Inside the Italian basketball – A look at past, present and future

Italy was always a country of football and since 1880’s this was the main sport there.
Basketball wasn’t introduced there before 1909, but first official game was played 10
years later and it started to gain popularity throughout the country from that time. In the post- World War II era the Italian National Team won the silver medal in 1949’s Eurobasket and several Italian clubs went on to win European club championships in 1950’s and 1960’s.

Present and future of Italian basketball- Partnership with NBN23
Today, Italian basketball is among the strongest in Europe, with a number of
successful professional clubs and a competitive national team.
The Italian Basketball Federation (FIP) is the governing body for basketball in Italy
which is responsible for organizing and regulating all official basketball competitions in Italy, from amateur leagues to professional leagues.
The FIP has played a significant role in the development and growth of Italian
basketball, both domestically and internationally and agreement and collaboration
with NBN23 for digitalization is one of the parts of it too.
In October 2022, The Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro has taken a big step
towards the new digital future by offering a new way to live basketball throughout
technology and innovation to its community.
Thanks to the agreement with NBN23 , the FIP incorporates a multi-platform and
multi-device application to follow each action of basketball matches and live
statistics. For 2022/2023 season the digitalization process started with Serie C
GOLD championship.

Serie C GOLD is the 4 th tier basketball league in Italy , after Serie A, Serie A2 and
Serie B. While not as high-profile as the top professional leagues in the country,
Serie C GOLD is still an important level of competition in Italian basketball. Many
talented young players and up-and-coming teams compete in the league and it
serves as a stepping stone for players and clubs looking forward o move up to higher levels of competitions.
The league consists regional divisions with teams from all over the country. In the
current format, each team plays 26 games in the regular season, followed by
playoffs to determine the league champion. The winners of each regional division are promoted to the Serie B, while the bottom-ranked teams are relegated to Serie C Silver, the 5 th tier league. With the technologies that are provided by NBN23 , all the interested person in Serie C GOLD have 24 hours access of data of different, exclusive analysis of the games and play-by-play information of each games.

In the interview after signing the agreement with Italian basketball federation, CEO of the NBN23 Miguel Bullón said :”We are very happy to work with the Italian basketball federation and being able to contribute the evolution of this sport in a country that has been its pioneer from the beginning”.
Follow the Serie C GOLD on SWISH to get to know better in Italian young players
and rising stars who will lead the national team and various Italian Serie A and
Euroleague clubs in future.