Empowering Women through Basketball: Celebrating International Women’s Day 

“I try to never lose sight of what a special time it is to be a women’s basketball player”Sue Wick (former basketball player, WNBA Hall of Fame) who always use her platform to advocate for women’s sports.  

Women have made significant contributions to sports both as athletes and as advocates, but still they face significant challenges in sports including unequal pay, lack of media coverage and gender discrimination. These issues are especially prevalent in sports where men’s sports receive greater attention and funding, such as basketball and football.  

Women’s basketball has grown in popularity in recent years, with more and more young girls and women becoming involved in the sport. The WNBA has played major role in this growth, but there are other opportunities for girls in the world to play , including in professional, semi-professional, college and amateur leagues. 

Despite the challenges facing women in sports, the future looks bright. More and more girls and women are becoming involved in sports and there are various opportunities for them to succeed as athletes, coaches and administrators. Continued advocacy for women’s sports and greater investment in women’s sports can help to ensure that the progress made in recent years continues.  

NBN23 with SWISH boosts the successes of women’s basketball and its practice.  

With SWISH we offer a new concept:

Female audience in SWISH , as well as players and girls teams are increasing yearly and compared to previous seasons it’s been increased by 15%. About the global numbers of SWISH – With approximately 500,000 players across 65 countries, NBN23 has a strong community of approximately 40% of girls, the number of court annotators are increasing in INGAME app and for this moment we have more than 6100 women annotators from the countries that we provide . The company’s commitment to gender equality is evident through its approach to equal opportunities for everyone and support the ideas to increase women’s involvement in sport.  


We have female global ambassadors, such as: Irene Gari (Spanish professional basketball player who is also the head of marketing and operations in NBN23) , Anna Montanana (Spanish professional basketball player and coach), Amanya Valdemoro (Spanish professional basketball player who is 3x WNBA champion), Marta Hermida (Spanish professional basketball player). 


NBN23 and its whole team with SWISH and INGAME is very optimistic about the future of women’s basketball. We recognize the important contributions that women made to sports at all levels and we recommit ourselves to the ongoing fight of gender equality in athletics and beyond. 


NBN23 continues to revolutionize female basketball!  


Happy International Women’s Day !