The Spanish tech company has reached an agreement with Bigfoot Hoops.  

The US market is progressively using NBN23 technology and that is because the Spanish company has closed an agreement with Bigfoot Hoops to digitize their summer events.

As part of the digitization process, Bigfoot Hoops, will use NBN23 technology to digitize several events throughout this summer. This collaboration will provide them with a tool that has revolutionized the world of basketball and that allows live monitoring of basketball competitions.

Adding digital platforms to Basketball events is becoming a new norm and the US market is no different. American operators are adding these platforms in order to reach a wider audience. They provide their stakeholders with the ability to follow players and teams, to consult all the data in an organized manner (one of the latest developments in the APP) and to customize the initial screen according to their preferences. In short, Bigfoot Hoops will have a tool that will improve their events both in terms of exposure and monitoring.

The operator has provided a step forward in the growth of NBN23 and above all, it gives it an important boost to become a reference in the United States, the largest market in the world when it comes to grassroots basketball.

This latest development, along with recently onboarded operators of similar stature proves that this digital trend is a must-have in youth basketball.

Rafa Vidaurreta, sales director of NBN23 in the United States, has been enthusiastic about the incorporation of this organization to the NBN23 family: “It is always a lengthy negotiation process when a company intends to change a culture that has been established for many years. Bigfoot Hoops is a powerhouse in the youth basketball scene, and I am very excited to work with them to prove the many benefits of having digital information for each game. It won´t happen overnight but the road is clear. There is no doubt that many others will follow their example soon.” Said Vidaurreta.