PrimeTime Sports joins NBN23 and will digitize their basketball competitions.

Talent deserves visibility and that is what PrimeTime Sports has achieved after signing an agreement with the technology company NBN23 to digitize their competitions. The North American organizer will carry out the digital transformation and their games will be able to be followed live through Swish APP.

This agreement represents a breakthrough for both entities. On one hand, the technology company manages to continue its growth and adds yet another partnership in the United States which will allow it to become known and to expand in the country with the longest basketball tradition and highest level of basketball. On the other hand, PrimeTime Sports, the organizer, joins the global trend of digitizing sports and will achieve worldwide visibility since their games will be followed from anywhere.

NBN23, through Swish APP, represents the arrival of much more than a worldwide live monitoring tool, since it also provides the ability of having a database with all the statistics collected. This technology allows for the monitoring of players and teams, it has a chat of customer support and, in addition, it is a springboard for the young talent of the competitions since they will be able to be seen from all over the world.

PrimeTime Sports is ation of athe second agreement signed by NBN23 in the United States during the month of May. This organizer joins Bigfoot Hoops, which had also confirmed the arrival of the technology company just a few days ago. With these agreements, NBN23 intends to make its way into North America and continue an expansion that has come to work in competitions around the world. NBN23i is now present in more than 160 countries.

countries. Rafa Vidaurreta, NBN23 sales director in the United States, stated that “working with PrimeTime Sports is a new impetus for the growth of the company”. “Technology has come to basketball to stay and to be part of this technological transformation in a country with such a tradition in basketball as the United States is very exciting”. In addition, Vidaurreta explained the advantages of having NBN23: “Young people will now have a platform that will allow them to showcase their talent around the world and it will give them much more exposure. It is also a great advantage for parents since now they will be able to follow their kid´s games without missing anything and have the ability to be on many courts at the same time”, he affirmed.