NBN23 technology was on full exhibit for national audiences last week with an exclusive interview on RTVE news program. Demonstrating the high tech at the Cultura del Esfuerzo Valencia Basket, players showed how easily they can wear the device on their uniform. While displaying how the technology gathers data from each individual player during the team’s practice and even games.  

This information ranges from velocity acceleration/deceleration speeds, distance ran on the court, and other advance statistics. This data has been utilized by various high-level professional teams in order to improve their teams on the court and prevent possible injuries to players. This is the main objective of NBN23, which was created with the intention of improving the game of basketball.  

NBN23 Director Javier Bosch spoke more about the technology stating, “We have worked with the Los Angeles Lakers using this technology, it’s an enormous market (basketball), and that this technology is for everybody in order to improve the game.” The high tech has shown success at various elite leagues around the globe, now intends translate this progress for every team in the world.    

Watch the video on the minute 19:20: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/linformatiu-comunitat-valenciana/linformatiu-comunitat-valenciana-28-11-19/5455336/