We are proud to announce another great tech Partner

The Exposure Events platform is a benchmark in the US when it comes to organizing a sporting event. The youth Basketball scene is massive and there are more than 1M players every year in the US alone. Up until now, players rarely got the chance to see anything more than their their final score. Now, players, coaches, and recruiters will get access to never-before-seen data of all the participating players.

Stats will become the new norm and performances will be measured by more than just a paper scoresheet. Our products are developed to give the amateur players a taste of the “big time”. Now, with the Exposure Events partnership, we reach the youth of America and we are proud to have such a strong partner by our side.

Exposure Setup

  1. Contact NBN23 to set up your partnership. 
  2. Select NBN23 as your preferred statistics vendor.
  3. Add a “Scorekeeper” user with a unique login for each event.
  4. Receive a user account.
  5. Download the Ingame App on the device to be used to stat the games (Android only)
  6. Enter Rosters into Exposure.
  7. Sign into InGame and download the games you want to digitize.
  8. Start scoring the game.
  9. Uploads of game scores and all communication back to exposure event is handled by the app.

For Fans

  1. Promote the App download link to teams, coaches, and their fans
    1. Apple:
    1. Android:

Fans will be able to follow the play by play, box scores, shot charts, and much more live from their home or from the bleachers at the game.

Players love to see their performance and coaches find it easier to prepare for their next opponent. NBN23 is the future of digital scorekeeping. Once you are a part of the NBN23 universe, you will have more opportunities to create and sell digital products that benefit your organization, your teams, and your entire community.