The 2nd annual Amaya Valdemoro Trophy will feature a digital presence at the host city Getafe.

As many basketball fans are count downing the days until the start of the 2018/19 season basketball, teams are preparing themselves in the preseasons in various Summer tournaments. Making the wait more bearable for the fans until the commencement of the leagues and most importantly Euroleague.

The city of Getafe will host the Amaya Valdemoro Trophy at the pavilion Juan de la Cierva, while hosting some of Spain´s top basketball teams. These matchups will be Movistar Estudiantes versus Hijolusa Potatoes, where both teams seeking promotion to the first division of women´s basketball. The other between ACB teams Estudiantes against San Pablo Burgos. This offseason these teams have been busy on the transfer market, creating a buzz among the team’s fan bases with high hopes of making the playoffs.

This year the tournament is offering free entrance to the general public, until maximum capacity in the arena. If seeking to attend the matchups plan on arriving early in case of a sellout, though fans who cannot attend will not have to worry due to the new digital technology implementation for the Amaya Valdemoro tournament.

This tournament will use the same technology as some of the top competitions in the world that include the NBA, FIMBA and Manheimm Tournament in Germany. The NBN23 technology allows for fans to follow live games from the power of their smartphone anywhere in the world. NBN23 Executive Director Miguel Bullon stated, “It is another step, that basketball needs technology and the digital act solves the immediacy that is necessary for the digital world we live in now.” 

NBN23 Executive Director statement has proven true with various countries that include China, Germany, Mexico and the United States. Where these countries fanbases and federations have shown positive feedback, which has increased the following of these leagues. The Amaya Valdemoro Trophy will be a test for these Spanish teams and most importantly another opportunity to show that basketball needs technology.