FIBA Hall of Famer signs with the Spanish Basketball technology company, in hopes to add more growth for the organization.

Antoine Rigaudeau, known for his accomplishments of being a two-time Euroleague Champion, Olympic silver medalist, five-time French League MVP and FIBA Hall of Famer. He now seeks to add to these accomplishments off the basketball court, with his recent signing to the basketball tech company NBN23.

Rigaudeau is another big-name signature in recent months to join NBN23 team, adding to the signings of Ed Dvorak (former Spalding President) and Robert Auci (former Director of CISCO). His role within the company will be Corporate Ambassador, where his international experience will be utilized for expanding the company’s technology in various international markets.

NBN23 CEO, Javier Bosch, has already displayed delight with the Hall of Famer´s arrival and his potential within the team, stating “Antoine Rigaudeau arrival gives our company a major boost. He is a persona that many European basketball fans recognize and will add another dimension that allows us to continue to expand our technology in more countries.”

Rigaudeau played for various teams in Europe most notably with Bologna Kindergarten and Valencia Basket. Bosch went on to quote the importance of this professional experience saying, “Having many people related to basketball, linked to our company, is a great example that our passion is shared and is coming to the basketball world.” The Hall of Famer´s expert knowledge in basketball allows more insight for NBN23, that will allow the company to use the information to improve the technology and love of basketball across the globe.