The reference project of world basketball joins NBN23 to follow its technological impulse.

L’Alqueria del Basket, the world reference project of base and competition basketball, has just signed an agreement with the NBN23 technology to go one step further and continue to lead the sport. Thus, athletes who play in their facilities may use some of the most advanced digital tools that exist on the collection of accurate information about their own activity on the court.

Thanks to COMPETITION and PERFORMANCE the players will be able to know complete statistics of their performance (percentages of throws, effectiveness by zones, assists, rebounds, …), but also data only available to professional sports such as position, speeds, accelerations-decelerations, maps of heat, … And all this, in real time!

It looks like science fiction, but it’s not. The geolocation product of NBN23 has attracted the attention of the best North American basketball clubs, while the digital record is already a consolidated technology in more than 20 countries. So much so, that the technology company has just passed a validation process in Germany to be an official NBA provider. If the news is consolidated, it will be a milestone in the technological collaboration of our country with the most important basketball league in the world.

The technology that NBN23 provides with these products amplifies significantly basketball experience, facilitates training, encourages their practice and the tracking of that information throughout the basketball community. The control of personal data provides innumerable advantages when it comes to improving all aspects of this sport, and helps both professionals and all those players who are learning.

In the signing of the agreement with L’Alqueria del Basket, Miguel Bullón, Executive Director of NBN23, stated that “this agreement merges two entities that share a clear idea of being at the forefront and working with passion to take basketball to higher levels, “And stressed that” we must aspire that the main players, young people in training, have the best means to achieve excellence”.

Also present at this event were Víctor Luengo, (Marketing Manager), and Mª Ángeles Vidal (General Coordinator) as representatives of L’Alqueria del Basket. For his part, José Miguel López, Territorial Account Manager of NBN23, said that “technology will revolutionize the way we practice and enjoy basketball in all its dimensions and we are very excited to accompany L’Alquería in this purpose,” he said.