Spanish company will be present in several countries of the world after closing an agreement with this global competition.

Spanish company NBN23 has closed an agreement with FIMBA Maxibasketball and joins in this way a global competition that will allow it to incorporate its technology in several countries worldwide.

This agreement supposes to be united to one of the great references of the basketball at world-wide level, since FIMBA organizes championships for majors of 30 years by selections. In addition, it is an organization with many years of experience, players from more than 80 countries, among which have been some world basketball legends such as Arvydas Sabonis, Milenko Topić or Michael Jordan’s squire, Toni Kukoć and an identity of their own: “Do not give years to life, but life to years.” For this reason and after working with competitions around the world, including the NBA, the union with FIMBA represents another leap in their efforts to improve basketball with technology.

FIMBA will have in all its tournaments an intelligent processing of statistics and a large database where all the information related to their live tournaments can be followed. Digital records of the matches, results, registrations, digital licenses and statistics, everything will be managed in an integrated way in a new avant-garde digital management platform, and with a friendly online access for all players and for the entire international community of the category .

Players, coaches, fans, friends, families and national organizations will thus have an immense volume of information for each game and also for each player. This advance will mean a new way of living the competition, a much more interactive and of course will increase the emotion thanks to the possibility of being following what happens during the different tournaments, second to second.

¨A great team of young designers, programmers and developers have worked on this new software and we are already working with the operational and communication areas in a comprehensive manner for its implementation, which will undoubtedly make the maxibásketball grow and will take FIMBA to a new level ¨ declared Franco Zullich, Director of Communication FIMBA International.

Miguel Bullón, Executive President of NBN23, has spoken about the firm: “It is a great advance for us and for basketball. Joining this organization means having more visibility worldwide and the assurance that more and more we are confident in making this sport grow with technological help, “he said.