NBN23 attends Spain-Canada Chamber of Commerce Gala dinner in Toronto

Spain-Canada Chamber of Commerce, the organization that promotes and facilitates economic relations between the Canadian and Spanish business community in every Province of Canada, invited Miguel Bullón, the CEO of NBN23 to the event.

This Gala dinner took place at the elegant Casa Loma in Toronto last Tuesday, November 22nd. Nearly 140 representatives of the Canadian and Spanish business sector met on this important event in which the Chamber emphasizes its commitment to strengthening the relationship between both countries, among which was NBN23.

On this special night, the following attended and participated in the event of Spain in Canada the Ambassador of Spain in Canada, Hn. Alfredo Martínez Serrano, Ms. Natalia Kusendova-Bashta, MPP at Mississauga Center respresenting the Ontario Government and Ms. Ana Palacio, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain and Professor at Georgetown University.

Undoubtedly, it was a very special night for NBN23, as its presence at this Gala reinforces company commitment on the international expansion of the company.

It was a pleasure to attend the Spain-Canada Chamber of Commerce Gala on behalf of NBN23. It was an incredible event where the 140 representatives of the business sector were able to strengthen our relationships and continue to grow closer together, while searching for new cooperation opportunities”

Among the guests, NBN23 was able to share the event with the Trust Members as: ACCIONA, CaixaBank, Desjardins, Redondo Iglesias, IE University, DF – Duro Felguera, SACYR, TYOSA and NGS Global. And enjoy the best and most traditional products brought from Spain, provided by Soulfarmers1 S.

NBN23 is delighted to have participated in the event and looking forward to the second edition of the Gala Dinner in 2023!