Innovation partnership for a fun basketball future

We are proud to announce the partnership of FIBA Europe with the Spanish company NBN23 in a project supported by the EU’s Erasmus+ Sport program. Together the two partners are planning to leverage technology to grow the global footprint of basketball through the EuroStep program. Two organizations that live and breathe the sport of basketball are joining forces to bring exciting new digital products to the youth basketball community. 

FIBA Europe has never been shy to Innovation. The governing body of basketball understands its responsibility in engaging the existing youth community and expanding this community around the globe. 

“Working with FIBA Europe will accelerate our vision to offer a digital experience to every basketball player, we want every grassroots player to feel like a pro.”

Miguel Bullón, CEO of NBN23

NBN23 has proven in the past that they are able to deliver exciting new digital products for the basketball community. With EuroStep, FIBA Europe and NBN23 aim to reach clubs, fans, federations, players and media to build beneficial, innovative new projects that will bring the community closer together. “A partner such as NBN23 who has already proven that they know how to engage the basketball youth community is a huge asset for us as a federation to continue the growth and digital engagement of basketball players everywhere.” 

Kamil Novak, FIBA Executive Director Europe 


The NBN23 Swish app brings statistics, live play-by-play, and interactive shot charts to the grassroots basketball tournaments. With this app, the company has already proven that they understand what the community desires. NBN23 has delivered on international projects that span 5 continents and more than 350.000 games. 

The next product from NBN23 will be designed, developed, and brought to the community all with the help and expertise of FIBA Europe Two partners come together to improve the future of basketball.