The final phases will have this tool that will allow the competition to be followed live anywhere.

The Spanish company NBN23, made a new agreement and will work with the Aragonese Basketball Federation to digitize everything that happens in the final stages of next weekend. With this signature, the digital act takes a new step in its growth and will work in another federation of the Spanish territory.

The extension of the digital record is already a reality inside and outside our country since, in recent months, NBN23 has worked with the federations of Asturias, Valencia, Madrid, Basque Country, Extremadura, Murcia, Navarra, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Ceuta , La Rioja, within Spanish territory; and with many countries such as the United States, China, Turkey, Belgium or Germany, even working with the NBA and in a tournament of the magnitude of Mannheim.

With this technology, the Federation will have an intelligent processing of statistics, and will also have a large database in which you can follow everything related to their competitions, either live, or once the meeting has concluded. Digital records of the matches, results, competition and registration systems, licenses, statistics, and rosters, everything is managed in an integrated way in a new avant-garde digital management platform, and with a friendly online access for all players and for all the international community of the category. All this, will incorporate Aragón thanks to this last agreement.

The current world, increasingly more immediate demand and with this technology allows the monitoring of competitions in real time so that everyone can follow from anywhere what happens in these final stages. The excitement of the live will reach the Aragonese territory which will allow any amateur who can not go to the pavilion to be aware of the match and follow it with a similar tension. Basketball from anywhere, that’s what NBN23 is already getting.

For Miguel Bullón, Global Sales Director of NBN23, this agreement is one more example of the growth of technology developed for basketball: “Trusting and believing in something is essential for it to work and this signature confirms that people believe in the act and digitize all basketball Our goal is that everyone can know what happens in each field and with this type of agreement we are achieving”, he said.