Do you want to have games video with a professional look & feel?

You can record the game and share the best moments of the game with the community.

swish video

Easy, fast and in one minute

Recording games is easier than ever. You will only have to prepare the camera a few minutes before the game, and once you hit start, forget about it until the end of the game.


Imagine having a video resume with the best moments of the game to then share with your friends and fans. Now it’s possible!


You will be able to track each play thanks to our Artificial Intelligence.

Like a PRO

We include automatic data, such as: results, player points, the TOP five…and much more!


Follow the coolest actions with a 4K resolution in wide and up close to the action.

What do you need for?

gopro camera

GoPro Camera

A GoPro Hero 7 Camera, with 4K resolution

Micro SD

A Micro SD memory card to save the video file.

Power Bank

To have enough battery to record the entire game.


You will need a tripod, stand or clamp to hold the camera in the correct position

The steps are vey easy

If you record 5 games, you will get a GOLD subscription free

What are you waiting for?

Become an expert in recording games

To record games, you should learn a few tips & tricks with our special FREE course. Get a certificate and enjoy recording your own games or those of friends and family.