We hereby inform you that NOTHINGBUTNET, S.L. has undergone a corporate segregation by which the branch of activity in charge of the development of the SWISH APP, has been transferred to the company NBN23 S.L.U, a wholly owned subsidiary of NOTHINGBUTNET, S.L with transmission effects from January 1st ,2021 (hereinafter the “Effective Date), thus forming a business group.

Consequently, from the Effective Date and henceforth, NBN23 S.L.U will be in charge of all the development, maintenance, support and other duties related to the SWISH APP, in exactly the same current terms, since there is no transfer, just a simple subrogation.

The identifying data of NBN23 S.L.U is as follows: a Spanish company, constituted for an indefinite duration by public document issued by the Notary of Valencia, Mr. Juan Piquer Belloch, on the 18th of November of 2020, at protocol number 1878, domiciled in Paterna, Calle Juan de la Cierva 27,3, office 409 Wellness 1 Building, Paterna Technologic Park (46980 Valencia), and registered in Valencia ́s Mercantile Registry under Volume 10.971, Folio No. 140, Page No. V-164577. With CIF No. ESB40634206. Being its Sole Administrator, Mr. Javier Bosch Fonte.