Manage competitions & tournaments all in one place

We are integrated with Leverade, a powerful tool to increase your productivity when you are create and manage competitions. Most importantly, this platform is connected to INGAME App, to digitize the games with the information of all the teams and players automatically.

& fast


Create or import

For 5x5, 3x3
& minibasket

our data base

Save time all in one place!

manage competitions of basketball digitally

Validate coach and player license by organizer

Administrator settings

Access to as many tournaments or leagues as needed.

simply create and manage competitions or seasons
Profile manager

Ability to edit team profiles and update them any time.

Renewing a license was never this easy

Activate players form the competitions with one click, add required information and create as many fields as you need. Secondly keep your data up to date while you manage competitions throughout the year.

Manage competition payments easy and fast

Enter game costs and registration fees to properly manage your finances.

Also you can organize Referees

Create profiles

Registered referees will mange their own profiles. Stablish their cost, availabilities, notify them, etc.

Availability warnings

Referee assignation based on availability.

Manage your account

Create referee teams for each competition.