SWISH is the application of tournament organizers, fans, coaches and basketball players around the world. From youth tournaments to competitive leagues, big data and sophisticated Ai analysis are all in the palm of your hand. 

  • Box Score with game statistics 
  • View and Compare Player and Team Stats 
  • LIVE Play by Play 
  • Player and Team Rankings 
  • Tournament/League Calendars and Standings 
  • Team rosters and schedules ……and much more! 

Swish is available on both the Android and iOS platforms so that everyone can enjoy basketball always live. You can download it in the version you prefer in these links:

Apple     Android

In Swish, you can access, for free, all the information about the competition with calendar and classifications, with live monitoring of the matches through the comparison of both teams. You can also follow both players and teams and receive notifications.

For fans who want to dig deeper into advanced statistics and data, we have subscription services that allow NBN23 to continue to improve the basketball community experience. This is our only source of income, since we offer all our services free of charge to federations.

Fan package :

  • Follow competitions ;
  • Get competition notifications ;
  • Game results & Calendar ;
  • Game Comparative & Standings ;
  • Team & Player Profiles ;
  • Rankings 

GOLD package :

  • All Fan package + Live games;
  • Advanced Game Statistics;
  • Game Play by play ;
  • Game Flow Charts & Leaders ranking ;
  • Heatmap & Short Chart 

You can cancel your subscription yourself at any time. From the view of your profile in Swish, in the section my subscription, you only have to click on the button, ‘Cancel Gold Subscription’. 

You can also do it by directly accessing the management of your subscriptions on Google Play or App Store. 

If you have any questions or issues related to using SWISH, you can contact support service from 09:00 to 21:00 (including weekends). On SWISH app, when you click the profile you will see window “Chat with us”or send an e-mail to marketing@nbn23.com and our customer service will respond you immediately.  

In order to have the advantages of the new update and to be able to see the contents that interest you most on the initial screen, you only have to follow the players and teams, and you will have personalized information on all of them.

System requirements to use SWISH for Iphone is – iOS 10.00 or superior, for Mac – MacOS 11.00 or superior , or for Mac with chip M1 of Apple or superior. For Android – version 5.00 or superior. 

This information could be modified in future, you will be updated about system requirements through the app notification system.  

We are not recording any financial data from users, as the payments are made through user’s accounts on their Google or Apple devices.  

About the personal data protection and privacy policy, you can see detailed information on our website – https://nbn23.com/privacy-policy-swish/  

The digital record allows us to instantly obtain the statistics of any match. It is a service that brings together all the possible information about a basketball game. Our intention and that of the federations is to try to make the data as accurate as possible and minimize the number of possible errors. However, there is always the possibility of some human error since in a game with a lot of rhythm it is difficult to follow everything that happens and a learning time is needed. Both NBN23 and our collaborators (federations, organizers …) work daily to offer the best preparation to all scorers. 

If the app is responding slow or has other technical problems, our recommendation is to update application on its latest version on you IOS or Android device. If the problem still apears after updating, you can contact our customer service through app – “chat with us” or send an e-mail to marketing@nbn23.com  


If you want your competition / tournament / league to have statistics and live monitoring from anywhere, you just have to send an email to sales@nbn23.com and we will contact you.

You can contact us through our customer service chat that you can find both in Swish and on our website. Our team will be happy to assist you. You can also do them through our social networks, @ nbn23basket, or by sending an e-mail to  marketing@nbn23.com

Visit our customer support page and text about your issue. We will respond you soon