NBN23 has signed a multi-year partnership deal with the Ireland Basketball Federation to take a giant step forward and digitizing all their competitions. 

Basketball Ireland has agreed a long-term deal with digital scoresheet provider NBN23. Live scores, game and player data is now available from the and Super League and Division 1 via the Swish All-Hoops app, with plans to roll out the digital scoresheet to all levels of the game in Ireland.


Basketball Ireland CEO, John Feehan, said:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with NBN23, as we digitise the sport. It will make basketball easier to follow for media, fans, clubs, coaches, players and more. The digital scoresheet has already been successfully implemented in the National League, with thousands of people already actively using the Swish All-Hoops app to follow every game live. This complements our new streaming service,, there you can now watch every game from the and Super League and Division 1.”

“Basketball is making huge strides in Ireland and the advantage of the digital scoresheet is that eventually you’ll be able keep up-to-date with the sport from elite to grassroots level, including schools and youth competitions, through the Swish All-Hoops app.”

Games will be digitised by scorekeepers using the In-Game app, with NBN23 providing cloud-based storage. Basketball fans will be able to follow games through the Swish All-Hoops app, which can be downloaded on mobile and tablet through the Google Play or Apple Store. NBN23’s digital scoresheet is used globally, including the Swiss and German federations, as well as regional leagues in Spain, USA and Mexico.

NBN23 CEO, Miguel Bullón added: “It is an honor to be able to come to a country with such a great capacity for basketball development as Ireland, and that the Federation has a strong vision and commitment on delivering great new ways of enjoying basketball to all its community”,