Get Digital Trading Cards (NFTs) of every game available. Collect cards of your favorite player, and be the owner of those stats. 

Remember every game & stats

We all have these special games that we want to remember for all eternity

Did you finally beat your rival?

Did you score 30 points this season?

Did you play your first game ever?

Is this a performance of your child you want to remember?

Get your NFTs of this season

What are you looking for?

Player Game Stats


Player Season Stats


NFT Benefits


An NFT is a unique and unrepeatable blockchain that stores specific data in digital card format. The NFTs you buy will be your property, and who knows? they may increase their value in a few years.


Everyone would like to collect unique moments on the basketball court. Time passes very quickly and it is difficult to remember all the victories as an athlete. Collect memories, all in one place.

Resell Value

It is easy to trade NFTs on particular markets with a wide range of options for trading. If your NFT increase in value, you can put on, or sell it anytime through the Fantik's marketplace.


The metadata on the token can never be altered by anyone. Also, it can neither get erased, misplaced nor be removed from the blockchain. Basically, they are meant to last forever as their data will always remain as is.

Cool things to do with my NFT

Decorate your home

Imagine to loop your NFT GIF with your best stats in the wall

Show it!

Always with you on your devices. Show it to your friends & family

Share it!

Surprise your friends on your social networks

What are NFTs and how do they work?

Sports NFTs are digital collectibles and trading cards of your favorite players in any sport you can think of. Read more articles:

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